Road Weight Limits



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The Ingham County Road Department (ICRD) announced today that spring truck weight limits on county roads will take effect at 6:00 a.m., on Friday, February 17, 2017. The temporary weight restrictions help to reduce road damage caused by winter thaw and heavy vehicles.

Truck drivers should check their Truck Operator Maps to determine how each county road is classified. Truck Operator Maps detailing weight restrictions and unrestricted all-season routes are available at the ICRD Permits Department. Call (517) 676-2200 for more information. The Road Department’s web site can also be accessed for weight restriction information at Information for surrounding counties can be accessed at

In general, the maximum allowed weight on county roads is reduced by 25% on Class A roads, and 35% on Class B roads while the frost comes out of the roadbed. Single axles with normal axle weights of 18,000 pounds are reduced to 13,500 on Class A roads, and to 11,700 pounds on Class B roads. Tandem-axles carrying a standard axle weight of 16,000 pounds are restricted to 12,000 pounds on Class A roads, and from 13,000 pounds to 8,450 on Class B roads.

“Protecting our road system is a top priority”, said William Conklin, Managing Director for the ICRD. “Our weighmasters will be out on varying time schedules while weight limits are in effect.”

The ICRD is responsible for the repair, maintenance and traffic safety of more than 1,253 miles of roads throughout Ingham County.


Below is a listing of weight restricted and non-weight restricted roads with some exceptions:

List of Weight Restricted Roads

List of Non-Weight Restricted Roads with Some Exceptions

Truck Operator's Map