ICRD Construction Projects

2017 Projects

Listed below are projects scheduled to be constructed during the 2017 and/or 2018 construction season (note: information is subject to change and will be periodically updated as these projects progress):

Cedar Street; Legion Drive to College Road (Alaiedon, Delhi, and Vevay Twps.) – Rehabilitation and resurfacing of existing concrete four lane divided highway by rubbilizing existing concrete pavement in-place and repaving with asphalt.  This project also includes culvert/storm sewer replacement and consolidated single direction crossover construction.  Northwest bound side is completed. Work on the southeast bound side currently being done.   Traffic is being maintained with one lane in each direction on the NW bound side with access being maintained to all adjacent properties throughout construction.  The various existing median cross-overs are being consolidated into one-way, indirect left turns with deceleration lanes for improved safety. The project will also include paved shoulders and drainage upgrades.  Project completion is expected in early October dependent on weather and any other unforeseen circumstances.

Holt Road; Depot Street to US-127 (Delhi Twp) – Asphalt resurfacing, with widening and restriping for new turn lanes and new traffic signal at College Road intersection.  Right turn lanes will be constructed on all four approaches, and the College Road approaches will be restriped to provide center left turn lanes.  The existing Holt Road inner eastbound though/left lane will be converted to a dual-direction, exclusive left turn lane from College Road through the US-127 interchange.  Construction started the week of July 17, 2017 and is expected to be completed in September, 2017.    Traffic will be maintained with lane closures and traffic regulators during construction except for the following brief closures: College Road at Holt Road was closed and is now re-opened with a new signal, and the railroad crossing immediately west of Depot Street was closed for approximately one week to replace the railroad crossing.

UPDATE:  Holt Road from Depot Street to US-127 is nearly complete. Railroad crossing on Holt road is now re-opened.

The Holt Road final top course of asphalt is scheduled to be placed this Sunday, August 27th, and Monday, August 28th.  Minor work to complete guardrail upgrades, pavement striping, and turf restoration will be completed in the days following.

 The Holt Road top course asphalt paving schedule is as follows (subject to suitable weather conditions):

 Sunday, August 27th:

Eastbound Lanes from RR Xing to US-127 overpass; paving anticipated to start at US-127 progressing West.  College Road will be CLOSED for intermittent periods of 1 – 2 hours each time (twice) the paving train passes.  During this time, SB College Road traffic will be detoured via Holloway Drive.  Holloway Drive will also be CLOSED when the paving train passes, with traffic temporarily detoured via College Road.

Westbound Lanes from Sycamore Creek Bridge (East of College Rd) to US-127 overpass.  The Southbound US-127 exit ramp will be CLOSED temporarily while paving across the ramp; traffic to be detoured to the Cedar Street Exit.

 Monday, August 28th:

Westbound Lanes from RR Xing to the bridge over the Sycamore Creek;  Depot Street will be CLOSED temporarily while paving across the intersection; traffic to use Keller Road as an alternate route.

Through-traffic will be maintained on Holt Road at all times, utilizing lane closures.


Okemos Road; Jolly Rd Intersection (Meridian & Alaiedon Twps)
 - Intersection reconstruction and widening for right turn lanes, including concrete pavement overlay, storm sewer, curb and gutter, sidewalk, and new traffic signal.  Bids were received in June 2017.  Signal reconstruction, utility relocations, and other roadway preparation work is to be performed during the fall of 2017.  Storm drain replacement along Jolly Road, turn lane construction, and all major resurfacing work will be performed starting early spring 2018 with completion currently expected by late July 2018. Motorists should expect multiple lane closures and traffic phasing during construction.  Left turns will be prohibited at the intersection during construction, so all turning traffic will be detoured.  Use of alternate routes will be posted and suggested. 

Fitchburg Road; Leslie City Limits to Nims Road (Leslie & Bunker Hill Twps) – 4.3 miles of asphalt  patching and resurfacing over chip seal interlayer, along with intersection curb and gutter, gravel shoulders, slope restoration, and pavement markings.  Deteriorated culverts were replaced earlier this spring, and trees too close to the road have been removed to improve safety.  Bids were received in June 2017 with construction expected to start August 21 and with completion expected in fall, 2017.  Traffic will be maintained with lane closures and traffic regulators during the remainder of construction operations.

Sherwood Road; Zimmer Road to Williamston Road (Williamstown Twp) –  1.5 miles of asphalt resurfacing with chip seal interlayer, and culvert or sewer replacements.  Trees too close to the road have been removed to improve safety.  Late summer- fall 2017 construction is anticipated.  Traffic may be detoured for culvert and storm sewer construction, and maintained with traffic regulators during remaining construction operations.

Elm Road; I-96 to Grand River Avenue (Leroy Twp) – 1 mile of asphalt resurfacing with chip seal interlayer, and culvert or sewer replacements.  Trees too close to the road have been removed to improve safety.  Late summer-fall 2017 construction is anticipated.  Traffic may be detoured for culvert and storm sewer construction, and maintained with traffic regulators during remaining construction operations.

Zimmer Road crossing the Deer Creek (Wheatfield Twp) – Bridge replacement with prefabricated concrete arch culvert with approach reconstruction.   Zimmer Road is closed during construction with traffic detoured.  Construction now completed and the road is now open to traffic.

Columbia Road crossing the Grand River (Aurelius Twp) – Replace 3 span bridge with single span steel truss bridge with approach reconstruction.  Fall 2017/Spring 2018 construction anticipated.  This project was bid on July 7th, and has been awarded to Davis Construction of Lansing.  Columbia Road will be closed from Monday, August 14 through early December 2017; all traffic will be detoured via posted route.

Jolly Road; Dobie Rd to Meridian Rd (Meridian & Alaiedon Twps) – 2.4 miles of asphalt recycling, widening for paved shoulders, grading, and HMA paving.  Also includes two large culvert replacements near Every Road, which will require full road closures to traffic and detours.  Trees will be removed as required for grading and clear zone safety improvements.  Winter 2017/Spring 2018 Construction is anticipated.  Traffic detours will be coordinated with the Okemos Road intersection project.


Alaiedon Twp.

            Every Road – I-96 to Howell Road

            Dobie Road – Sandhill to Holt Road

            Simmons Road – Lamb to Holt Road

            Walline Road – Holt to Lamb Road

Aurelius Twp.

            Onondaga Road – Plains to Columbia Road

            Columbia Road – Onondaga Road to the Grand River Bridge

             Aurelius Road – Nichols to Barnes Road  


Delhi Twp.

            Eifert Road – Columbia to McCue Road

            Aurelius Road – Nichols to North leg of Harper Road

 Ingham Twp.

            Dexter Trail – Carter to Meridian road

            Carter Road – Proctor to Dexter trail.

Leroy Twp.

            Grand River Avenue – Wallace to Webberville City limits

            Grand River Avenue – Webberville City limits to M-52 (south leg)

            Elm Road– Grand River to I-96 (Spray patch for Under Seal)

            Howell Road – M-52 to County line

Leslie Twp.

            Tuttle Road – Barnes to Covert Road

            Blackmore Road – Covert to Bellevue Road

            Covert Road – Aurelius to US -127

            Fitchburg  Road – Leslie city limits to Nims road, under seal for asphalt.

Locke Twp.

Rowley Road - M-52 to Webberville Road.

            Herrington Road - Allen to Chase Lake Road

            Allen Road - Gramer to Herrington Road


Meridian Twp.

            Park Lake Road – Lake Lansing to County line

            Raby Road – Okemos to Park Lake

            Haslett Road – Park Lake to Okemos (East bound 2 lanes)

            Meridian Road – Newman to Haslett Road

Onondaga Twp.

            Onondaga Road – Plains to Old Plank Road (Double seal)

            Onondaga Road – Old Plank to Base line Road

Stockbridge Twp.

            Budd Road – Milner to Oakley Road

            Oakley Road – Budd to Burden Road

            Burden Road – Oakley to M-36

            Dexter trail – Murry to M-52

            Catholic Church Road – Parman to Dexter Trail

            Stilson Road – Catholic Church to Dexter Trail

            Baseline Road – Moechel to County Line

            Moechel Road – Baseline to Heeney Road

Vevay Twp.

            Dexter trail – M36 to Meridian Road

            Eden Road – Kipp to Rolfe Road

            Kipp Road – College to Tuttle Road

Wheatfield Twp.

            Linn Road – Meridian to Williamston city limits

            Zimmer Road – Holt to Grand River Ave.

            Williamston Road – I-96 to Howell Road

White Oak Twp.

            Dansville Road – M-52 to the County line

Williamstown Twp.

            Shoesmith Road - Shoeman to Meridian twp. line

            Foster Road – Barry to County line

            Lounsbury Road – Haslett to Milton Road

            Sherwood Road – Meridian to M-52

2018 Projects: Funding TIP Total Match
Olds Road Bridge over Perry Creek (rehabilitation) Local Bridge $210,000 $ 11K
Olds Road Bridge over Huntoon Creek (rehabilitation) Local Bridge $210,000 $ 11K
Howell Road Bridge over Doan Creek (rehabilitation) Local Bridge $305,000 $ 15K
Lake Lansing Road – Hagadorn Road to I-69 BR (resurface) Urban STP $600,000 $120K
Countywide Rural Road Improvements Rural STP & D $492,448 $ 99K
2019 Projects:
Okemos Road – Shawnee Trail to Clinton Street (reconstruct) STPU & NHPP $3,200,000 $1.94M
NOTE: The $1.94M of match for Okemos Road will likely be offset by Local Bridge Program funding.
Waverly Road – Lansing Road to St. Joseph Street (resurface) Urban STP $600,000 $120K
Countywide Rural Road Improvements Rural STP & D $718,750 $144K
2020 Projects:
Cedar Street – College Road to Circle Drive (resurface) Urban STP $1,121,046 $225K