ICRD Construction Projects

2017 Projects

Projects listed below were completed in 2017, and/or will be completed during the 2018 construction season (note: information is subject to change and will be periodically updated as projects progress):

Columbia Road crossing the Grand River (Aurelius Twp)
 – Bridge replacement substantially completed and opened to traffic for the winter.  Work to be completed when weather permits in spring 2018: Final layer of asphalt approach paving, painting of prefabricated truss connection points, and other miscellaneous items, during which traffic will be detoured for approximately one week, dependent on weather, via posted route same as as during bridge construction.

South Waverly Road at Columbia Road visibility concern with new bridge:

As concerns have been submitted regarding the new Columbia Road bridge truss and railing interrupting visibility of approaching east bound traffic from the south approach of Waverly Road at Columbia Road immediately east of the new bridge, the following information and links to related photos are provided:

When motorists stop in advance of the ‘STOP’ sign, the intersection visibility is more than adequate, and significantly improved from the conditions at the old bridge prior to tree clearing for construction of the new bridge (see before and after photos by clicking on the blue text of the words before and after). 

To emphasize the appropriate stop location, a new ‘STOP HERE’ sign was added (see photo) to emphasize that motorists should stop in advance of the ‘STOP’ sign and the stop bar on the pavement in order to see approaching eastbound Waverly Road traffic through the truss and railing.  From this vantage point, the visibility of vehicles approaching the bridge and on the bridge (viewed through the truss) can be clearly observed and motorists should readily be able to identify traffic gaps to safely enter Columbia Road (see video).

While the truss can obscure visibility from vehicles that stop beyond the stop bar, motorists can still pull up carefully on the new wider paved shoulder to the lane edge and see INSIDE the truss without impeding Columbia Rd traffic (see shoulder photo).

The attached photos and videos will help motorists who have had difficulty with visibility at the new bridge to comfortably and safely navigate the intersection.

Okemos-Jolly Intersection (Meridian & Alaiedon Townships) - Intersection reconstruction and widening for right turn lanes on northbound, eastbound, and southbound approaches, including concrete pavement overlay, storm sewer, curb and gutter, sidewalk, and new traffic signal.  Signal reconstruction, utility relocation, and other roadway preparation work was done during the fall of 2017.  Storm drain replacement along Jolly Road, turn lane construction, and all major resurfacing work is expected to start in April 2018 with completion currently expected by late summer 2018 dependent on weather and other factors. Traffic will be maintained in one through lane in all directions and shifted in phases during construction.  All turns will be prohibited at the intersection during construction for safety and efficiency, so all turning traffic will be detoured as will be posted.  Alternate routes will be suggested.  Click on project name in blue text for more information and detour routes. 

Jolly Road; Dobie Rd to Meridian Rd (Meridian & Alaiedon Townships) – 2.4 miles of asphalt recycling, widening for 4 foot wide paved shoulders, grading, and asphalt paving.  Also includes two large culvert replacements near Every Road, and minor grade changes to improve sight distance, which will require sequential full road closures to through traffic with detours to be posted .  Trees will be removed as required for grading and clear zone safety improvements.  Tree removal and intermittent, sequential closures for drainage work in successive segments has started.  Traffic detours will be coordinated with the Okemos-Jolly intersection project.  Click on project name in blue text for more information and detour routes. 

See list below of other upcoming 2018 major road projects.  Further information and schedule will be added for these other 2018 projects when further determined. Tree removal work on Fitchburg Road, Nims to Friermuth Roads has started.

2018 Projects: Funding TIP Total ICRD Match
Olds Road Bridge over Perry Creek (rehabilitation) Local Bridge $252,000 $ 13,000
Olds Road Bridge over Huntoon Creek (rehabilitation) Local Bridge $252,000 $ 13,000
Howell Road Bridge over Doan Creek (rehabilitation) Local Bridge $366,000 $ 19,000
Haslett Road--M-52 to Morrice Road (resurface) Rural STP & D
$600,000 $120,000
Fitchburg Road--Nims Road to Friermuth Road (resurface) Rural STP & D $665,000 $375,000
Williamston Road--West Road to Howell Road (resurface) Rural STP & D $700,000 $161,000
2019 Projects:
Lake Lansing Road--Hagadorn Road to Saginaw Hwy (BL-69) (resurface, re-stripe for two way center left turn lane with one through lane in each direction and non-motorized lanes on both sides, & add various turn lanes at Hagadorn Road & Park Lake Road intersections) Urban STP & CMAQ $975,000 $222,000
Okemos Road – Shawnee Trail to Clinton Street (reconstruct to undivided 4 to 5 lane road, plus replace southbound bridge over Red Cedar River with single, two-way, four lane bridge, and leave existing northbound concrete arch bridge for pedestrian use if desired by the community) STPU & NHPP $3,200,000 $1.94M
NOTE: The $1.94M of match for Okemos Road will likely be offset by Local Bridge Program funding.
Waverly Road – Lansing Road to St. Joseph Street (reconstruct) Urban STP $600,000 $120K
2020 Projects:
Cedar Street – College Road to Circle Drive (resurface) Urban STP $1,121,046 $225K