ICRD Construction Projects

2018 Projects 

Cedar Street, Holt to Aurelius Roads, Delhi Township –  Project designed and being constructed and managed by Delhi Township.  For more information please click on the following:  Realize Cedar Information

Urban Primary Road Resurfacing – In place pavement recycling, asphalt resurfacing and drainage improvements on the following roads: 

Cedar Street – Aurelius Road to Willoughby Road, resurfaced in conjunction with Cedar Street, Holt to Aurelius, shown above.  Resurfacing Cedar Street, Aurelius Road to Willoughby Road, has been completed.

Hagadorn Road – Jolly Rd to approximately 2000 feet south of Mt Hope Rd.  Project is substantially complete. 

Wood Street – Grand River Avenue to Lake Lansing Road.   Second layer of asphalt paving to be completed spring/early summer 2019.  Work suspended due to seasonal weather limitation.  Traffic will be maintained with various lane restrictions when work resumes.

Lake Lansing Road – Lansing City Limits to Wood Street.  Project substantially complete. 

Haslett Road – RR Tracks to Creekwood Drive, East of Van Atta Road.  Project substantially complete. 

Eifert Road  -  Holt Road to Willoughby Road.  Project substantially complete. 

Mitchell Road – Williamston Road to Vanetter Road. Project substantially complete.  
Vanneter Road – Mitchell Road to Rowley Road.  Project substantially complete. 

Hamilton Road – East and west ends at Grand River (M-43) to and including Nakoma Street intersection on west end and including Dobie Road intersection on east end.  Traffic will be maintained with various lane restrictions.  Work delayed to spring or early summer 2019. 

Rural Primary Road Resurfacing –  In place pavement recycling, asphalt resurfacing and drainage improvements. Projects substantially complete:

Haslett Road – M-52 to Morrice Road
Fitchburg Road – Nims Road to Freiermuth Road
Williamston Road – West Road to Howell Road

Bridge Projects:
The following 3 bridge projects will take place in Spring of 2019. Traffic will be detoured per posted routes.

Olds Road Bridge over Perry Creek – Replace structure. 
Olds Road Bridge over Huntoon Creek –  Replace structure. 
Howell Road Bridge over Doan Creek –  Replace deck and rail. 

Columbia Road crossing the Grand River (Aurelius Twp) – Bridge replacement substantially complete. 

South Waverly Road has been closed at Columbia Road adjacent to the Columbia Road bridge over the Grand River in Aurelius Township, following a number of crashes at this location.

Despite a marked and signed stop location that provides ample sight distance in all directions and into the bridge truss, drivers are reporting interrupted vision due to the new truss bridge if they do not stop at the designated location.  The new truss bridge was constructed and opened to traffic in late 2017.

To prevent any further related crashes, South Waverly Road at Columbia Road has been closed while a new traffic signal is designed and installed to better regulate the intersection.  The new traffic signal will stop east-west Columbia Road traffic and provide a protected green light for northbound South Waverly Road traffic to safely enter Columbia Road.

The new signal is expected to be operational by spring 2019.  South Waverly Road will remain closed until the signal is completed.  A detour route has been posted via Curtice and Onondaga Roads.

South Waverly Road south of Columbia Road carries approximately 1800 vehicles per day, approximately 900 in each direction, and Columbia Road at South Waverly Road carries approximately 4500 vehicles per day, again approximately half that amount in each direction.  There have been 10 reported crashes at this intersection in 2018 including a fatality on November 17, 2018.

Further information on the design of the new Columbia Road truss bridge over the Grand River:

The previous Columbia Road bridge over the Grand River in Aurelius Township, Ingham County, needed to be replaced due to advanced deterioration of the steel beams and concrete deck despite maintenance and repairs that had been done.  Numerous design constraints and conditions exist at this location as described below which resulted in the design of the new bridge having the large trusses on the sides as the primary structural support of the road deck.

A single or clear span replacement structure (having no supporting piers or columns in the river) was selected because constructing new piers in the river requires underwater foundation construction which always involves the risk of uncertain outcomes.  With the additional complication of problematic local geology, design experts recommended avoiding pier construction in the river.  The previous piers could not have been re-used because they could not support the increased weight of the wider new bridge having shoulders on the bridge deck.  Also, the previous foundations were not designed to resist undermining do to scour (streambed erosion under the foundations).  Stream bed scour of bridge foundations in rivers has resulted in catastrophic failure of various older bridges around the world. 

Spanning the river with no supporting piers in the river required a bridge having larger than typical structural depth.  Also, environmental regulations required that no part of the structure could be placed below the expected 100 year frequency flood elevation of the river.  This is to avoid further back-up of flood flow and various detrimental effects on the structure and river channel if any part of the structure were to hang down in the flood flow. 

The trusses on the sides of the structure act as units similar to very large depth beams and support the road deck attached along the bottom beams of the trusses.   The truss structure was recommended by the design team as the best alternative to clear the river flood elevation without a significant increase in road elevation.  Traditional beams for the 165 ft. clear span placed under the road deck would have resulted in several feet of additional structure depth.  This would have required a significant increase in the approach road elevation to keep the bridge above flood elevation.  Such a road elevation increase would have had significant impact to the private property and home on the southeast corner of South Waverly and Columbia roads to place required soil fill and resulting broader road-side slopes.  Significant soil fill was also very undesirable due to underlying poor soils that would have required remediation and/or have caused design and long term performance issues with the approaches and the structure itself.

Making the Columbia-South Waverly intersection an all-way stop by adding stop signs on Columbia at South Waverly was considered, but was ruled out in favor of a traffic signal due to several concerns:  1) eastbound Columbia Road traffic possibly not seeing the stop signs while driving through the truss; and 2) requiring all Columbia Road traffic to slow and come to a stop on the bridge deck.  Ice can form in the winter sooner on bridge decks than on adjacent roadways as the deck is more exposed to freezing temperatures underneath.   The proposed traffic signal will include traffic detection technology that will control the signal timing to minimize the need for Columbia Road traffic to stop.  The signal will typically allow traffic to clear the intersection before turning red for Columbia Road and green for South Waverly Road.    

 2018 Chip-Sealing:

Chip-sealing has been completed on the following roads:

Alaiedon Twp.

Okemos Road – Holt to Mason City limits
Stillman Road – Meridian to Sandhill/Dobie
Lamb Road – Hagadorn to Walline
Harper Road – Okemos to Wolverine
Wolverine Road – Harper to Howell
Hagadorn Road – Howell to Mason City limits  

Aurelius Twp.

Eifert Road – Toles to Bunker
Eifert Road – Columbia to Nichols

Bunker Hill Twp.

Parman Road – Ewers to Fitchburg
Williams Road – Ewers to Decamp (Double application of Chip seal)
Catholic Church Road – Williamston to Murry
Freiermuth Road – Decamp to Fitchburg
Baseline Road – Bunkerhill to Freiermuth
Williamston Road – Bunkerhill to Catholic Church
Decamp Road – Williams to Haynes                                                                        

Delhi Twp.

Eifert Road – Nichols to McCue

Ingham Twp.

Osborne Road – Howell to Columbia
Dexter Trail – Carter to Murry                                                                                   

Leroy Twp.

Elm Road – M-43 to Townsend                                                                                 

Leslie Twp.

Blackmore Road – Bellevue to Kinneville
Covert Road – US-127 to Aurelius
Jackson Road – Baseline to Fitchburg
Fitchburg Road – Leslie limits to 1,500 feet east of Nims
Ingalls Road – Hull to Eden
Oak Street – Kinneville to Leslie City limit
Main Street – Hull to Leslie City limits
Dutch Road – Baseline to Olds
Hull Road – Bellevue to Covert                                                                                  

Locke Twp.

Morrice Road – County line to Haslett
Rowley Road – Dietz to M-52                                                                                     

Meridian Twp.

Cornell Road – Orlando to M-43

Onondaga Twp.

Aurelius/Byrum Road – Barnes to Bellevue
Kinneville Road – Waverly to Onondaga                                                                               

Stockbridge Twp.

Brogan Road – M-36 to M-106
Dexter Trail – Brogan to County line
Adams Road – Dexter Trail to Morton
Chapman Road – Catholic Church to Obrien                                                        

Vevay Twp.

Tomlinson Road – Tuttle to Service
Kipp Road – Tuttle to US-127

Wheatfield Twp.

Linn Road – Meridian to Williamston City limits
Noble Road – Meridian to Burkley
Zimmer Road – Holt to Waldo
Williamston Road – I-96 to Howell
Corwin Road – M-43 to Gravel                                                                                  

White Oak Twp.

Dietz Road – Columbia to Iosco
Carter Road – Proctor to M-52     

Williamstown Twp.

Turner Road – Meridian to Burkley
Shoeman Road – Haslett to The county line
Gulick Road - Shoeman to Zimmer
Barry Road – Shoeman to Lounsbury
Zimmer Road – Haslett to RxR
Sherwood Road – Zimmer to Williamston


Completion of 2017 Projects

Projects listed below were started in 2017 and will be completed during the 2018 construction season (note: information is subject to change and will be periodically updated as projects progress):

Okemos-Jolly Intersection (Meridian & Alaiedon Townships) Intersection reconstruction and widening for right turn lanes on northbound, eastbound, and southbound approaches, including concrete pavement overlay, storm sewer, curb and gutter, sidewalk, and new traffic signal.  Click on project name in blue text for more information.  Work has been substantially completed on this project.   

Jolly Road; Dobie Rd to Meridian Rd (Meridian & Alaiedon Townships) – 2.4 miles of asphalt recycling, widening for 4 foot wide paved shoulders, grading, and asphalt paving.  Also included two large culvert replacements near Every Road, and minor grade changes to improve sight distance,  Click on project name in blue text for more information. Work on this project has been substantially completed.


See list below of other future major road projects.  Further information will be added for these and other future projects when further determined. 

2019 Projects: Funding TIP Total ICRD Match
Lake Lansing Road--Hagadorn Road to Saginaw Hwy (BL-69)
(resurface, re-stripe for two way center left turn lane with one through lane in each direction and non-motorized lanes on both sides, & add various turn lanes at Hagadorn Road & Park Lake Road intersections)
Urban STP & CMAQ $975,000 $222,000
Waverly Road – Lansing Road to St. Joseph Street (reconstruct) Urban STP & other $2,397,000 $441,000
2020 Projects:
Cedar Street – College Road to Circle Drive (resurface) Urban STP $1,121,000 $204,000
Okemos Road Bridges at Red Cedar River north of Mt. Hope Road--Replace with undivided 4 or 5 lane new bridge and related road work.  Existing northbound historic concrete arch bridge to be removed or left for non-motorized use per outcome of Environmental Assessment to be conducted in 2019. Local Bridge & other  $3,652,000 $120,000


Okemos Road – Shawnee Trail to Clinton Street
(reconstruct to undivided 4 to 5 lane road, plus replace southbound bridge over Red Cedar River with single, two-way, four lane bridge, and leave existing northbound concrete arch bridge for pedestrian use if desired by the community)
NOTE: The $1.94M of match for Okemos Road will likely be offset by Local Bridge Program funding.

Okemos Road – Shawnee Trail to Clinton Street
(reconstruct to undivided 4 to 5 lane road, plus replace southbound bridge over Red Cedar River with single, two-way, four lane bridge, and leave existing northbound concrete arch bridge for pedestrian use if desired by the community)
NOTE: The $1.94M of match for Okemos Road will likely be offset by Local Bridge Program funding.