Road Closings

Fitchburg Road – Between Parman Road and Freiermuth Road in Bunker Hill Township will be closed during the daytime on Tuesday, June 13th to accommodate a cross tube replacement.

Cedar Street; Legion Drive to College Road (Alaiedon, Delhi, and Vevay Twps.) – Rehabilitation and resurfacing existing concrete four lane divided highway by rubblizing existing concrete pavement in-place and repaving with asphalt.  This project also includes culvert/storm sewer replacement and crossover construction.  This project will begin on Monday, May 8th.  The proposed work includes in-place crushing and recycling of the existing concrete pavement into base material and asphalt resurfacing of the four lane divided highway. Traffic will be maintained with one lane in each direction along the entire project.  Access will be maintained to all adjacent properties throughout construction. During large portions of the construction, traffic will be shifted via temporary cross-overs, to one side of the divided highway, then the other, while the opposing side is recycled and resurfaced.  As part of the project, the various existing median cross-overs will be consolidated into one-way, indirect left turns with deceleration lanes for improved safety. The project will also include paved shoulders and drainage upgrades.  Project completion is expected in early October dependent on weather and any other unforeseen circumstances.

Sherwood Road – Between Meridian Road and Zimmer Road in Williamstown Township will be closed daily during the daytime until further notice to accommodate tree removal.

Shoesmith Road – Between Shoeman Road and Green Road in Meridian and Williamstown Townships will be closed daily during the daytime only until further notice to accommodate road side ditch reconstruction.  

Holt Road; Grovenburg Rd to Aurelius Rd (Delhi Twp) – Construction work including asphalt resurfacing, traffic signal and sidewalk is substantially complete.  A surface sealer will be applied between Eifert Rd and Aurelius Rd in the spring of 2017 (intermittent lane closures should be expected).  Optimization of new traffic signals is in progress.

Park Lake Road; Grand River Avenue to Merritt Rd (Meridian Twp) – Construction work including asphalt resurfacing and widening for LT turn lane N of Haslett Road substantially complete.  Minor traffic and pedestrian signal work at Haslett Rd intersection remain to be completed in the spring of 2017 (intermittent lane closures on Haslett Rd should be expected).

Hagadorn Road; Mt. Hope intersection (Meridian Twp) – Construction work to widen and resurface intersection is substantially complete.  Minor turf restoration and project cleanup work remaining (intermittent lane closures and/or traffic regulator control should be expected).

Haslett Road; Williamston Rd to M-52 - Preventative maintenance resurfacing completed.  Guardrail replacement to be completed spring 2017 (intermittent lane closure with traffic regulator control should be expected).