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     Annual Right of Way Permit Specifications
     Bridge Weight Limits
     Utility Installation Permit Specifications
     Transportation Permit Provisions
     Truck Operator's Map
     Rules, Standards and Procedures for Driveways, Banners and Parades
     Procedures and Guidelines for Developing Public Roads
     2019 Permit Fees 
   1.   Agricultural Move Permit Application
         1a.Agricultural Move Permit Application (Fillable Form)
         1b. Agricultural Multimove Requirements
   2.   Driveway Permit Application   (Culvert Installation Form  must also accompany this application)
         2a. Driveway Permit Application (Fillable Form)
         2b. Culvert Installation Form
   3.   Extended Transportation Permit Application
         3a. Extended Transportation Permit Application (Fillable Form)
   4.   Haul Route Permit Application
         4a. Haul Route Permit Application (Fillable Form)
   5.   Land Division Permit Application
         5a. Land Division Permit Application (Fillable Form)
   6.   Milk Haul Route Permit Application
         6a. Milk Haul Route Permit Application (Fillable Form)
         6b. Milk Haul Requirements
   7.  Right of Way Permit Application
         7a. Right of Way Permit Application (Fillable Form)
   8.  Seasonal Public Utility Non-Emergency Permit Apllication
   9. Single Move Permit Application (To have permits issued by fax, a bond is required. See Right to Fax Single Move Permits)
          9a. Single Move Permit Application (Fillable Form)
  10. Special Event Permit Application   (Hold Harmless Agreement must also accompany this application)
        10a. Special Event Permit Application (Fillable Form)
        10b. Hold Harmless Agreement
        10c. Hold Harmless Agreement (Fillable Form)